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How many times does it take?
A basic requirement of implant surgery is enough time for adequate bone healing. This is usually from 1 to 6 months.

During this time the implants are usually under the gum tissue (occasionally they are above the gums). During this time the implant is healing in contact with the surrounding bone. A temporary appliance can usually be made which will be functional, comfortable and aesthetic.
After healing of the implant in the bone the prosthetic phase of treatment can be continued.
The time of implant restoration depends on your jaw bone quality and quatity. In some cases this can take from a few weeks to a few months.


Surgeon: DDS, MDS Vo Van Nhan
Patient: a patient 50 year old male was referred to our office for the treatment of his missing teeth. The good healthy, non-smoking patient.

The panoramic radiographic showed some teeth was loss (26, 37, ), 21 with a crown and root canal and some fillings.In addition, 26 was loose so we need to extract it.

treatment time implant
Panoramic radiographic
In addion, we need to take CT cone beam to evaluate jaw bone density to decide bone graft or not

treament time implant treament time implant
CT cone beam of 36 CT cone beam of 37

treatment time implant treatment time implant
CT cone beam of 26
CT cone beam of 27

Based on CT cone beam we decide no bone graft.

treatment time implant
Treatment plan on the panoramic

Treatment plan

- 26 will be removed
- Implant will be placed at site 26, 27, 36, 37
- Treatment plan will be finished around 6 weeks

3 days after extraction the placement of implants were recommend to the patient as the therapy of choice. The implant were placed in an ideal three-dimensional position. The healing cap were inserted at the time.

treament time implant treament time implant
implant placement
treatment time implant
Take x ray to check implant
Crown on the implant

6 weeks after implant placement, the patient return to our office. The healing cap were removed to take copy impression and then 4 days after crown  were put
on the implants.

Treatment time implant  
Crown on the implant  

Treatment time implant
 The radiographic showed implants were integrated

The surgical and definitive restoration were performed by DDS, MDS Vo Van Nhan.


DDS, MDS Vo Van Nhan
Patient: a  40 year old female
patient, non-smoker, presented due to accute pain in the molar region of the lower left jaw.

Based on the radiographic in combination with the servere pain, tooth 46 was extracted. This tooth has infection that's why bone loss occure.

treatment time implpant
 The radiographic

treament time implant
CT cone beam of 46
Based on this cross -section, this tooth has severe bone loss so we need autogenous bone or bone substitute material.

treatment time implant
implant placement
In this particular case, the distance
between the implant and the socket wall is approximate 1mm so that the gap had to be filled with synthetic bone sunstitute material. To prevent synthetic bone sunstitute material, a membrane was installed after the application of the bone substitute.

treatment time implant treatment time implant
 synthetic bone sunstitute material
treatment time implant
The radiographic was taken after implant placement
6 months after implant placement and bone graft, the patient return to our office to continue treatment plan. The flap was reopened to expose implant and a impression was taken for final crown on the implant.

treatment time implant
The flap was reopened to expose implant
This figure showed both implant and synthetic substitute bone material were well integrated. The patient also want to restore
adjacent tooth.
treatment time implant
The final crown on the implant
treatment time implant
The radiographic was taken to check implant and crown

treatment time implant treatment time implant
Before After

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