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Block bone graft in the implant therapy

Bone filler materials maybe serve serveral purposes in guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures:

- Support the membrance to avoid membrance collaps

- Act as scaffold for bone ingrowth from the recipient site

- Stimulate bone ingrowth from the repient site

- Supply a mechanical shield against pressure from the overlying soft tissues

- Protect the augmanted volume from resorption

Moreover, the clinical indications for using bone filler materials range from grafting minor peri-implant defects to the regeneration of large continuity defects.

Bone augmentation materials include:

- Autografts (bone fillers can be derived from the person being treated)

- Allografts (from a donor and used in another individual within the same species)

- Xenografts (consist of bone mineral derived from animals or bonelike minerals derived from calcifying carals or algae)

- Alloplastic materials (synthetically derived)

Autografts are still considered the gold standard in osseous reconstructive surgery


Autograft may be havested from intraoral or extraoral donor sites such as: chin, mandibular body, iliac crest,...

Block bone graft in the implant therapy Block bone graft in the implant therapy
Block bone is havested from iliac crest
Auto graft

Auto graft
Block Bone is havested from chin  Auto graft

Block Bone is havested from mandibular body Autografts


Patient: A 40 years old man required replacement of the mandibular molar with an implant.

The mandibular molar was removed
 Implant placement in bone defect site
Auto block bone graft And allograft
 Primary wound closure     Bone graft is intergrate well
Before After

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