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Literature Update Sep - Oct 2010

Acta Odontologica Scandinavica

Vol. 68 No. 5 (September 2010)

Zhu Y, Xiao L, Shen D, Hao Y. Competition between yogurt probiotics and periodontal pathogens in vitro. Acta Odontol Scand 2010;68(5):261-268.

Four probiotic bacterial species (L bulgaricus,  S thermophilus,  L acidophilus and  Bifidobacterium) were isolated from yogurt to assess the antimicrobial activity versus various periodontal pathogens. All periodontal pathogens were inhibited by fresh yogurt but antimicrobial activity  was lower with heat-treated yogurt. However, neither yogurt inhibited the ‘protective’ bacteria  S sanguinis. Competition between the bacteria depended on the sequence of inoculation, and antimicrobial properties were reduced if both probiotic bacteria and periodontal pathogens were inoculated simultaneously. Probiotic yogurt and its bacteria can therefore inhibit certain periodontal pathogens but do not affect periodontal protective bacteria.