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Gingivitis desquamativa

Gingivitis desquamativa commonly concerns an oral manifestation of autoimmune disorders that are caused by autoantibodies against structure proteins of the oral mucous membrane. The etiology of the autoantibody formation, however, is still largely unknown. The following belong to the appearance of the gingivitis desquamativa: oral lichen planus and blister-forming oral mucous membrane disorders such as pemphigus vulgaris, mucous membrane pemphigoid and linear IgA-dermatosis. oral lichen planus is the most common oral mocous membrane disorder. In the oral cavity, the reticular, eerosive, atrophic. papular, bullous and plaque-like progressive forms occur. A malignant transformation was most commonly described in erosive and atrophic lichen planus.

Individual clinical case reports show that a successful implant supply is also possible in patients with an erosive, atrophic or mixed atrophic and reticular lichen planus. The effects of blisterforming dermatosis of the oral mucous membrnae on the development of peri-implant infections, however, is still unclear.

Based on these limited data, one might suggest that patients suffering from oral lichen planus may be treated with dental implant; however, a strict follow-up is strongly recommended.

(Frank SCHWARZ, Jurgen BECKER: Etiological factors. Peri-implant infection: Etiology, diagnosis and treatmet 2010; 70)

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