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The 3d scan tomography system and the implant software

The first time in Viet Nam, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is equipped with the 3D scan tomography system and the Implant software. It allows:

- Taking Panorama X - ray

- Taking dental CT X - ray

- Taking cephalo X - ray

This system is imported following the Vietnamese standard TCVN 6595: 2000 of the Ministry of Health and is licensed with number 05/2009/GP - SKHCN by the Science and Technology Department.

X - ray CT scan

X - ray CT scan allows us to survey three - dimensional (3D) image of the entire structure of the facial - jaw area, helping doctors detect early diseases related to Odonto - Stomatology system.

                                          Gum disease cause of reduced bone density and lost bone

In dental Implant section, the X - ray 3D scan tomography enables:

- To study 3D image of the jaw - bone, that helps doctors assess the right bone's quality and quantity.

- To determine lower jaw nerve

- To combine with the Implant software, which support doctors in choosing the right Implant position and direction.

- Taking CT scan before, after and right after the Implant in order to reach optimal and absolutely safe result, eliminate mistakes which may occur and at the same time, see the result immediately after Implant.

To determine mandibular nerve

To determine Implant location

While Implanting, if it is doubted the drill is off the derection, taking X - ray on the spot can check the direction of the drill through exploratory tools. If the drill is off the direction, it can be fixed immediately.

                                                        X - ray to check Implant direction

Panorama X - ray

By the mean of Panorama, we can observe the position of decayed tooth, underground tooth and distinguish between tooth which already have root canal and the one don't. Besides, infected tooth and gums, lower jaw nerve, jaw sinusitis, dentures are also showed on Panorama.

In addition, combining with Implant software allows putting Implant into the needed Implant position as well as establishing overall treatment plan.

When consulting directly on Panorama, you will easily imagine your oral health condition and treatment plan.

                             Panorama                                                 Treatment plan on the Panorama


Cephalo X - ray

Cephalo X - ray is the very important data in Orthodontics. Cephalo, posterior anterior, hands bone help evaluate forecast growing and developing state of Cranial Facial System (in children)

Orthodontic software helps find out and determine early the time for orthodontic treatment in children in order to limit extraction and jaw-bone surgery in case of cranial facial system which has passed the development stage.

Cephalo X - ray film

Posterior Anterior X - ray film

Hands bone X - ray film


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