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For the first time in Viet Nam, the most modern CT scan system and software dental Implant equipped and succwssfully applied in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

CT scan system allows 3D survey of the entire image of the jaw and facial structure, to help doctors detect early disease associated with oral system.

This system was imported following the Vietnamese standard TCVN 6595:2000 of the Ministry of Health and is linensed with number 05/2009/GP-SKHCN by the science and technology department.

The CT scan system and software Implant allow: 

-  Survey 3D images of bone

- Appreciate the quanlity and quantity of bone.

- Take Implant with the best location and direction.

- To ensure absoluted safety.

- The porcelain on the Implant achieve optimal aesthetic and chewing function.

3D software to survey jaw - bone

Determined quality and quantity jaw - bone

Analysed scan

Determined nerve location

In addition, based on jaw photography film, Implant surgeon can make treatment planning and procedures as well as previous direction and position Implant which help patients easy to imagine.


Determine Implant location and direction

In Nhan Tam Implant Center

- Apply Implant software, CT scan system before, after and right after to achieve optimal results, absolute safety, eliminating the errors that may occur and immediately see the results after transplantation.

- Apply mordern 3 techniques: Implant, porcelain crown restorations and create aesthetic gum and bone when planning.

- Implant guaranteed 10 years in Nhan tam Dental Clinic.

2 - Doctor

Dr Vo Van Nhan, an expert in the field:

- Implant

- Prosthodontics cosmetic porcelain (ceramic crown and bridge)

- Orthodontics

- Oral surgery (cosmetic gum surgery transplant - Bone) (Oral Surgeon)

- Surgery for wisdom teeth

- Treatment of mandibular joint pain, teeth grinding.

- Training and Implant dentistry cosmetic Implant in the United State, Germany, South Korea...

- Member International Association of Implant ICOI (International congress of Oral Implantologist) - United State, ITI (International Team for Implantology) - Switzerland.

-  Implant lecture, faculty adviser of the group DiO Implant in Viet Nam

- In 2002, graduated from the training program (2 years) of dental surgery (Diplome inter - Universitaire d'Odontologie Chirurgicale ) and Implant by University faculty marseille - France.

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