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The first Vietnamese Recipient of International Implant Award

Tooth Replacement Made Possible by Nerve Repositioning Operation

 New breakthrough in Implant Dentistry in Vietnam: Tooth Replacement Made Possible  by Nerve Repositioning Operation Nguyen Van Luom has now fully recovered. He can chew very well -- even tough, hard foods -- just five months after he was operated upon by Dr Vo Van Nhan, director of Nhan Tam Dental Implant Surgery Center, to reposition nerves and place dental implants. This case was carried out and presented by Dr. Vo Van Nhan at the Dental Implant Conference held by Ho Chi Minh City...

The first Vietnamese Recipient of International Implant Award

In 2012:Dr Vo Van Nhan is the first Vietnamese awarded an international implant prize in 2012 at the 15th ICOI Section Congress with his research on "Autogenous vertical and horizontal onlay block bone graft for maxillary alveolar ridge defect". This technique had been performed on 22 patients with chin, 15 withretromolar and 12 with iliac bones, with a total of 101 implant placements, resulting in a 100% success rate.Summary...

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