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The first Vietnamese Recipient of International Implant Award

In 2012:

Dr Vo Van Nhan is the first Vietnamese awarded an international implant prize in 2012 at the 15th ICOI Section Congress with his research on "Autogenous vertical and horizontal onlay block bone graft for maxillary alveolar ridge defect".

This technique had been performed on 22 patients with chin, 15 with
retromolar and 12 with iliac bones, with a total of 101 implant placements, resulting in a 100% success rate.

Summary of topics :

Autologous bone graft blocks vertically and horizontally in the case of complex criteria for severe bone loss with long teeth .

Implants in maxillary implant is extremely important because issues related to aesthetics than the lower jaw . But unfortunately , the loss of maxillary teeth is consumed rapidly and severely than the lower jaw should lead to bone loss, resulting in both horizontally and vertically , there is not enough bone to implant implants . This really is a huge challenge for the treating physician implants worldwide .

In this case there are many methods of bone grafting techniques applied but autologous bone graft volume of patients is most effective as autologous bone has bone cells , growth factors bone rapid success and no rejection or the risk of cross-contamination .

Bone Grafting blocks vertically and horizontally is the most complex engineering techniques to implant bone graft implant . Require physicians have adequate knowledge , skills and experience can successfully implement this technique .

In this retrospective study , Dr. Vo Van Nhan summarized 49 patients : 28 men and 21 women aged 18 to 65 years old . All patients were treated bone mass vertically and horizontally in Human Dental Center .

Among them :

- 22 patients with bone graft bone block is removed from the chin .

- 15 patients with bone graft bone block is removed from the post content .

- 12 patients with bone block is removed from the hip bones ( iliac crest bone )

6 months after bone grafting , implants patient , then wait about 4-6 months after the dental implant . X - ray and CT Scan panorex track after 6 months and annually after bone graft teeth mounted on the implant .


- There are 79 blocks of bone grafting , bone grafting 24 blocks vertically and 55 blocks horizontally bone graft .

- 101 implant is implanted into the bone block grafting .

- All implants were successful after 10.5 months follow-up period .

No complications occurred after bone grafting and implant associated rangtren .

Of the 12 patients with bone taken from the hip bone to the normal 8 patients after surgery 1 week , 4 patients with mild soreness still going in the first week after surgery , and all patients walk normally not 4 weeks of pain after surgical removal of the pelvis .


- This study shows that pelvic bone, chin and jaw bone behind the bone graft is positioned very well in the case of maxillary bone grafting for severe consumed by long tooth loss and no serious complications occurred out .

- The implant is implanted in the bone may have good success .


1 , Barone and Covani - Maxillary alveolar ridge reconstruction - J Oral Maxillofac Surg 65:2039 - 2406 , 2007

2 , Simon Storgard Jensen , DDS , Hendrik Terheyden , MD , DDS , PhD - Bone Augmentation Procedures in Localized defect in the alveolar ridge : Clinical results with bone grafts and bone subsitude Different materials . The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants , 24 : 218-236 , 2002.


Second Poster Prize at Conference time I dental implants with the subject:
"Iliac crest bones , sinus lift bone grafting and implant prosthetic screw on"
- Location: Ho Chi Minh City
- Time: Day 25 - June 26, 2011


Content topics :

In this subject Dr. Vo Van Nhan presented the first clinical cases in particular : A 56 -year-old male patient of 20 years lost teeth , wear dentures, removable maxillary region should spend money function completely, bone monitoring to the nose . So Dr. Nhan skill and maxillary sinus bone graft taken from the iliac crest ( hip area ) in the left maxillary sinus and right 2 . 4 months after the bone graft has healed . 6 Implant implants have external connections to the implant prosthetic screws and 2 mini implants to hold temporary prosthesis after implant dental implant patients are temporarily away.

It is technically difficult and extremely complex including clinical areas include surgical removal of the pelvic cavity and lift as well as laboratory techniques to create prosthetic implants bolted on . The following process will present treatment of this case .


Dr. Vo Van Nhan made ​​the first scientific research technology applications automatically making porcelain teeth , known as CAD / CAM ( computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing ) that designed and built by computer support . Which today is very popular application in Vietnam that produce ceramic technology from the computer where it's popular products Cercon .

Project title : Study Chairs applications CAM / CAM Cerec machine 2 , in vitro studies of type 2 interstitial sinus recovery .

Study was carried out at the Department of Dentistry University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City and won the conference to encourage young scientists the National School of Medicine in 2000.

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