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   Implant surgery is one should be implemented in dedicated rooms. Upon appointment, the treatment rooms as well as all surgical instruments will be prepared.

Sterile instruments

Tools are soaked in sterilizing solution before Hexanios 1h SACCH cleaned with water. Unlike conventional dental treatment other, each implant has its own kits, sterile absorbed by Auto Clave machines with pre-installed programs and the preservation of its own dedicated electronic ultraviolet.

Auto Clave Autoclave for Implant

The kits sinus augmentation, bone grafting, implants will be selected from the front to suit each type of implant you choose.

Particularly for small tools such as drills, hand drills, .. so difficult to clean by regular washing should be soaked in a solution of sterile Hexanios ultrasonic vibrator before scrubbing with water.

Ultrasonic Vibrators Implant Machine UV Cabinets

Area and surgical instruments

- Sterilization and sterile surgical equipment in the operating room and the method has been standardized

- Negative instrument tray with sterile towels

- Prepare and check Handpiece surgery

- Adjust the water flow enough coolant drill

- Handpiece Covering wire , plumbing , .. sterile towel

- The surgical instrument container covered with aluminum plating anticorrosion coating . The drill and instruments are arranged in the order required for implant placement preparation process .

Sterile operating room

Not only sterile instruments that all relevant equipment in the operating room are at the ready .

To really well, sterile operating rooms everyday are cleaning clean . Computer chairs , table tools , and support equipment to monitor blood pressure , heart rate of the patient is cleaned with antiseptic solution Sterile .

In particular , regional air antiseptic surgery every day with ultraviolet light

All surgical gowns and hats for doctors and crew were autoclaved before use. Surgical gloves, masks, cups, needles, scalpels, suction, .. only used once for a patient and left.
  Rating results after surgery

Prepare patients

- Before the surgery for 3 to 4 days , the patient was carefully oral hygiene by removing tartar and use mouthwash Chlorhexidine disinfection with appropriate concentrations .

- Use of antibiotics to prevent

- Patients should limit smoking ( if available ) before and after surgery

- Check blood pressure and a number of issues about general health

- Before surgery , chin and around the mouth as the nose must be sterile . Patients wear a surgical mask chest with a sterile towel .

Prepare crew implant surgery

- Wash hands and sterile

- Wear hats and masks , gloves and sterile surgical clothes


- Dr. resuscitation monitoring the health status of the patient during surgery

- Radiographic Screening test directions and implant position before , during and immediately after surgery.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan and Operation Team

Postoperative Care

- Directive patients how to care for wounds at home

- Antibiotics and antibacterial mouthwash after surgery

- 3 days later, the patient returned to the office and check the wound 1 week after cutting appointment only if not only on their own

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