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Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry and implant dentistry continue to grow in patient demand and professional popularity. More now than ever, clinicians are faced with the need to combine form with function, art with science. The considerable scientific and technical leaps that have been made in this field mean that this goal is now more achievable, and Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry seeks to share these advances with practitioners and students alike.

Table of conrents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Esthetic Implant Therapy: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 2. Diagnostic Factors in Esthetic Implant Therapy: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 3. Contemporary Facial Evaluation: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 4. Multi-Dimensional Implant Positioning: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 5. Peri-Implant Reconstructive Soft Tissue Surgery: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 6. Immediate Esthetic Implant Therapy: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 7. Extraction Socket Management for Implant Treatment: Hom-Lay Wang (University of Michigan, USA) and Rodrigo F. Neiva (University of Michigan, USA).

Chapter 8. The Inter-Implant Papilla: Abd El Salam El Askary.

Chapter 9. Tissue Engineering in Maxillofacial Surgery: Dritan Turhani, Elisabeth Stein, Martina Weissenböck and Rolf Ewers.

Chapter 10. Prosthetic Technologies and Techniques beyond the Mere Fixture: Peter Gehrke.

Chapter 11.The Art and Science of Shade Matching in Esthetic Implant Dentistry: Stephen Chu, Jonathan Zamzok, and Adam Mieleszko.

Chapter 12: Treatment Complications in the Esthetic Zone: Abd El Salam El Askary

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