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 Nowaday, there are many Implant center. Based on the model of Implantable Implant center of the modern advanced in the world, we have a few suggestions for you to choose Implant treatment facilities.

A treatment Center Implant International standard to have convergence of the following:

1 - The system must be equipped with CT scan and software Implant.

This is a mandatory standard to evaluate whether it is center of international standards Implant or not, and only through this standard you can directly measure. this is considered the gold standards for your choice.

The CT scan system and sofware Implant:

- Survey 3D images of bone

- Appreciate the quality and quantity of bone.

- Take Implant with the best location and direction.

- An ideal scenario for patients, avoiding the errors that may occur due to Implant placed in the wrong direction.

Thera are important factors determining the success of the Implant.

3D software to survey jaw - bone

Determined quality and quantity jaw - bone

Analysed scan

Determined nerve location

Determine Implant location and direction

In addition, the CT scan system and software Implant also help shorten the duration of treatment for patients, especially patients with no distant time. 

Porcelain crown on the Implant achieve optimal aesthetic and chewing function beacause it is located Implant supported.

Ceramic crown on the Implant

2 - Doctor

Trained complete Implant technique for oral health. Physicians must satisfy all the difficulties and complexities of each case. Skill analyzing CT images on the film also indispensable when based on 3D images of the jaw - bone to appreciate the quality and quantiy of bone. 

This is a decisive factor in the success of Implant treatment.

Usually in the advanced countries, to perform restorations on Implant, oral surgeon and the laboratory technicians manufacture dental clinical practice. But sometime,  a doctor reponsible for both the Implant and the Implant restorations. 

3 - The system absolutely sterile

Like other ereas of medical, dental and hygiene requirements are very strict sterile. Disinfection process in accordance with instructions, each patient has individual kits and absolute compliance tools is only used for one patient and left, not reused.

Application of multiple Implant system to fit individual cases of tooth loss.

Some famous Implant system in the world.

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