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 Implant is a prosthetic solutions optimized , very high success rates from 97 to 100 % . When implants are not treated correctly it can still happen complications .

Preoperative Complications

These complications are usually in the preoperative planning of treatment, surgery preparation room and oral hygiene before transplantation .

- When Implant treatment planning should be based on medical history and dental disease is the most general or with elderly patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes , heart disease, high blood pressure , osteoporosis , ... The diagnosis must be made ​​based on careful examination directly on the mouth and on the film Panorama , 3D CT , the test results and the information that patients or relatives provided . The treatment plan is important because this is what will make throughout the patient , if there is one small error could alter the treatment plan or incident unintended , significant most patients is to know exactly the time to arrange and finance .

- Before the treatment, surgery must be absolutely sterile . All tools , bench machines , surgical gowns are prepared , even air , floors , slippers were sterile . If sterile suture is not possible, then the patient at risk of infection during and after surgery is very high .
bien chung implant bien chung implant
Using ultraviolet light disinfection 
implant surgery room

- Oral hygiene is very important before surgery , to help limit infection during and after transplantation . Treatment of periodontitis , tooth scaling and use antibacterial mouthwash and antibiotics is the good preparation before surgery .

Complications during surgery

- Complications in patients : patients during surgery sudden heart attacks , increased or decreased blood pressure , ... So in surgery at the Center for Human Implant Centre , to ensure maximum safety patients , we were invited to the specialist support resuscitation during surgery .

- Complication by doctors and crew performance : do not drill in place , not enough power screw implants , maxillary sinus perforation drill , broken instruments , implants placed touching nerves , causing numbness insufficient dose or overdose , patients with anaphylaxis , ... We think that you should discuss with your doctor first to make implants for her to see that you really believe in doctors who are entirely correct .

Complications after surgery

- Bleeding too much.

bien chung implant
Bone resorption around the implant

- Implant rejection was due to the patient's body does not adapt or implant is implanted by improper technique.
- Patients with numb lips or chin numbness and continuity in a long time: Implants can be implanted by touching the mandibular nerve.
Associated complications after restorative
- Implant Implant fracture dip due to incorrect
- Implant restorations were shot on the, touches the gums causing pain, stuffed with food, do not fit closely, influenced pronunciation
- When attaching the prosthesis inaccurate, chewing forces are not distributed properly lead to dental implants do not function well or concentrate too much power to chew Implant overload, which can lead to the risk of implant loss .
bien chung implant
Drop out porcelain on implant

(This is the clinical case that was treated by Vo Van Nhan DDS, DMS. Any questions, please contact Dr. Vo Van Nhan. Please do not use or copy our content in all forms)

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