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Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 2 Volumes, 5th Edition

The fifth edition of Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry brings to its readers another iteration of the unrivalled, unparalleled work on the specialty of periodontics. The editors have brought together contributions from experts all over the world to provide the reader with a comprehensive, cohesive text that fuses scholarship and science with clinical instruction and pragmatism. Clinical Periodontology runs the gamut of sub-disciplines and topics within periodontics and implant dentistry, supporting an intellectually and internationally inclusive approach.

The fifth edition includes a wealth of new and revised chapters that reflect developments in the field in the years since the fourth edition was published. The sections on anatomy of the periodontium and the basic sciences underlying tooth and implant attachment have been expanded, as has the section on pathology and pathogenesis of periodontitis. Increased interest in the interdisciplinary aspects of periodontology is reflected by new chapters on orthodontic anchorage. Other important topics with increased prominence include: risk assessment and host-modulation therapies, regenerative therapies, and a full discussion of surgical and non-surgical therapies.

With an approximate increase in length of 25% and over 15 new chapters, the 5th edition of Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry has grown beyond the confines of one volume. Two volumes divide the topics into basic sciences and applied clinical concepts, at the same time maintaining a seamless integration between the two.

This book is the cornerstone of periodontology, and represents a unique distillation of the specialty by an expert group of authors under the tutelage of a legendary editorial team.

Table of contents

Volume 1: Basic Concepts.

Editors: Lindhe, Lang, Karring.

Part 1: Anatomy.

1. The anatomy of periodontal tissues: Lindhe, Karring, Araújo.

2. The edentulous alveolar ridge: Araújo, Lindhe.

3. The mucosa at teeth and implants: Lindhe, Wennström, Berglundh.

4. Bone as a tissue: Giannobile, Rios, Lang.

5. Osseointegration: Lindhe, Berglundh, Lang.

6. Periodontal tactile perception and peri-implant osseoperception: Jacobs.

Part 2: Epidemiology.

7. Epidemiology of periodontal diseases: Papapanou, Lindhe.

Part 3: Microbiology.

8. Oral biofilms and calculus: Lang, Mombelli, Attström.

9. Periodontal infections: Socransky, Haffajee.

10. Peri-implant infections: Teles, Haffajee, Socransky.

Part 4: Host–Parasite Interactions.

11. Pathogenesis of periodontitis: Kinane, Berglundh, Lindhe.

12. Modifying factors: Palmer, Soory.

13. Susceptibility: Loos, van der Velden, Laine.

Part 5: Trauma from Occlusion.

14. Trauma from occlusion: periodontal tissues: Lindhe, Nyman, Ericsson.

15. Trauma from occlusion: peri-implant tissues: Lang, Berglundh.

Part 6: Periodontal Pathology.

16. Non-plaque induced inflammatory gingival lesions: Holmstrup.

17. Plaque-induced gingival diseases: Mariotti.

18. Chronic periodontitis: Kinane, Lindhe, Trombelli.

19. Aggressive periodontitis: Tonetti, Mombelli.

20. Necrotizing periodontal disease: Holmstrup, Westergaard.

21. Periodontal disease as a risk for systemic disease: Williams, Paquette.

22. The periodontal abscess: Sanz, Herrera, van Winkelhoff.

23. Lesions of endodontic origin: Bergenholtz, Ricucci.

Part 7: Peri-implant Pathology.

24. Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis: Berglundh, Lindhe, Lang.

Part 8: Tissue Regeneration.

25. Concepts in periodontal tissue regeneration: Karring, Lindhe.

Volume 2: Clinical Concepts.

Editors: Lang, Lindhe.

Part 9: Examination Protocols.

26. Examination of patients with periodontal diseases: Salvi, Lindhe, Lang.

27. Examination of the candidate for implant therapy: Weber, Buser, Belser.

28. Radiographic examinations of the implant patient: Gröndahl, Gröndahl.

29. Examination of patients with implant-supported restorations: Brägger.

30. Risk assessment of the implant patient: Armitage, Lundgren.

Part 10: Treatment Planning Protocols.

31. Treatment planning of patients with periodontal diseases: Salvi, Lindhe, Lang.

32. Treatment planning for implant therapy in the periodontally compromised patient: Wennström, Lang.

33. Systemic phase of therapy: Lang, Baur.

Part 11: Initial Periodontal Therapy (Infection Control).

34. Motivational interviewing: Ramseier, Catley, Krigel, Bagramian.

35. Mechanical supragingival plaque control: van der Weijden, Echeverria, Sanz, Lindhe.

36. Chemical supragingival plaque control: Addy, Moran.

37. Non-surgical therapy: Claffey, Polyzois.

Part 12: Additional Therapy.

38. Periodontal surgery: access therapy: Wennström, Heijl, Lindhe.

39. Treatment of furcation-involved teeth: Carnevale, Pontoriero, Lindhe.

40. Endodontics and periodontics: Bergenholtz, Hasselgren.

41. Treatment of peri-implant lesions: Berglundh, Lang, Lindhe.

42. Antibiotics in periodontal therapy: Mombelli.

Part 13: Reconstructive Therapy.

43. Regenerative periodontal therapy: Cortellini, Tonetti.

44. Mucogingival therapy – periodontal plastic surgery: Wennström, Zucchelli, Pini Prato.

45. Periodontal plastic microsurgery: Burkhardt, Lang.

46. Re-osseointegration: Berglundh, Lindhe.

Part 14: Surgery for Implant Installation.

47. Timing of implant placement: Hämmerle, Araújo, Lindhe.

48. The surgical site: Quirynen, Lekholm.

Part 15: Reconstructive Ridge Therapy.

49. Ridge augmentation procedures: Hämmerle, Jung.

50. Elevation of the maxillary sinus floor: Pjetursson, Lang.

Part 16: Occlusal and Prosthetic Therapy.

51. Tooth-supported fixed partial dentures: Lindhe, Nyman.

52. Implants in restorative dentistry: Lang, Salvi.

53. Implants in the esthetic zone: Belser, Bernard, Buser.

54. Implants in the posterior dentition: Belser, Buser, Bernard.

55. Implant–implant and tooth–implant supported fixed partial dentures: Stanford, Cooper.

56. Complications related to implant-supported restorations: Ko, Stanford, Cooper.

Part 17: Orthodontics and Periodontics.

57. Tooth movements in the periodontally compromised patient: Zachrisson.

58. Implants used for orthodontic anchorage: Schätzle, Lang.

Part 18: Supportive Care.

59. Supportive periodontal therapy (SPT): Lang, Brägger, Salvi, Tonetti.

Part 19: Halitosis.

60. Halitosis control: Winkel

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